Wednesday, November 27, 2013



You've undoubtably seen this hashtag on Instagram attached to an incredibly boring photograph that someone was too lazy or too indecisive to actually choose a filter. Or maybe it's just one of those lucky moments where you really don't need a filter. 
#Duckfaces always need a filter

I don't know about Instagram filters, but I do know we don't filter our personalities. We're like your Aunt Bernadette after 3 glasses of Pinot Gris and one "Mostly-G-and-a-Splash-of-T" Gin and Tonic on Christmas Eve. 

Who let Grandma on the internets again?!

We also don't filter our beers. We're probably just too attached to the yeast anyways. We want them to party on for as long as possible. It's why we play music for them 24/7/365 in the brewery. 

#YeastParty #nofilter #sup...ladies

So we made a beer that's typically unfiltered, a traditional Saison, and called it #nofilter (6.8% avb). It's got a little bit of wheat to give it that unfiltered cloudiness, just a hint of honey malt to give it a smallest bit of sweetness, and some lactic acid to give it a kick of tartness.

As the Great Mr. Miyagi once said, "Saison, Saisoff."

Enjoy the unfiltered life.


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Seems legit...

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